Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother of the Year

My phone rang at work a few moments ago and the Caller ID showed it was Little B's daycare. My first thought was, "Oh shit, please don't tell me to pick him up!" Turns out it wasn't an emergency (thank goodness), the teacher just had a quick question for me. As I hung up the phone and returned to focusing on my work (aka playing FB scrabble) it occurred to me that possibly a more appropriate reaction upon seeing that Little B's daycare was calling would be "Oh my gosh! I hope he's ok!"

And the best part is, when I called B to tell him that daycare called he asked, "Did you answer the phone?"

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  1. Your response is completely normal! That's the first thing we all think - "oh please tell me I don't have to come get him!" and then 2nd thought "oh please tell me he didn't hurt another kid" and lastly 3rd thought "oh please tell me he isn't bleeding or has a broken bone". You'll understand that 3rd one soon enough with a boy!